Two Tides

With a footprint of 70m2 this bach, and it really is one, is part of an on-going exploration into making the most of a limited volume. The small living area becomes generous with height, and can be further expanded by opening internal windows to a bedroom and external doors to the decks. Borrowed space is guaranteed forever to the northwest across the Parapara inlet which defines the western boundary of the property.

From the inlet the dark colorsteel bach is well camouflaged amongst the flax and manuka on the water’s edge, yet from within it provides a front row seat for watching the tides, the birdlife and the ever changing Golden Bay sky.

Design: Min Hall
Arthouse Team: David Wallace, Helena Glover, Caroline Marshall
Builder: Dari Harris
Photography: John-Paul Pochin and Arthouse Architecture Ltd

Two tides can be rented for holiday accommodation in Golden Bay
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